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  • Learning with Spaced Repetition

    Learning with Spaced Repetition

    Many people learn with flashcards. Mostly in school and then perhaps for a higher education. But why are they doing it? What makes this method better than just plain reading a book on the topic? What is it about? The basic principle behind flashcards either on paper or as a program is called spaced repetition. […]

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  • Banish Procrastination With The Five Second Rule.

    Banish Procrastination With The Five Second Rule.

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!  A simple five seconds can help make or break you beginning to transform your life. Helping to create those habits and get you on the path to action. “If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will […]

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  • Productivity Cycles

    Productivity Cycles

    [player id=3559] Have you ever noticed how at some points of the day you get more stuff done than others? What about the mad rush of productivity on a ‘Manic Monday’ or the exact opposite that sets in with ‘that Friday Feeling’? Or maybe you’ve battled the winter blues or literally felt a ‘spring’ in […]

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  • The Pomodoro Technique

    The Pomodoro Technique

    The Pomodoro Technique is an elegantly simple time management tool near and dear to the heart of Knights of Academia…

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  • Get Moving

    Get Up and Going:   Low body activity is related to various health problems. We all have different needs, so our aim isn’t establishing a standard for everyone. As humans, we naturally thrive most when we are in motion. Why don’t you start by moving around every 60 minutes? Your body is wise and will […]

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  • Practicing Deep Work Habits

    Practicing Deep Work Habits

    [player id=2730] Just imagine. It’s the perfect day: the sun’s shining, your workplace is tidy, your tasks enlisted, you’re full of energy and ready to start your day. You just dive in. Hours go by as if time rushes at the same speed as your mind. It’s your momentum. You achieve, you accomplish, and you […]

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  • Learn to Problem Solve with a Rubik’s Cube

    Learn to Problem Solve with a Rubik’s Cube

    The Rubik’s cube. Everyone’s tried to tackle the colourful puzzle but it seems to be impossible to solve. But that’s where you’re wrong. In this post I’m going to clear your mind of all prejudice about the cube and guide you to problem solve its solution. The Rubik’s cube is a great way to show […]

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  • Developing Deep Work Habits

    Developing Deep Work Habits

    [player id=2719] Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the quantity of work you had to do and had trouble to commit yourself to maintain the concentration needed to sustain long working hours to finish it all? Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that this co-worker/awesome professor (or anyone you look up to) works so […]

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  • Pomodoro Technique

    When traversing through KOA, you may come across an odd and very confusing  emoticon. An emoticon of a tomato. This little tomato is used to mark one successful Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro Technique was created as a means of studying as efficiently as possible. Every Pomodoro is followed with a break. Here is a breakdown […]

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