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  • Knowledge is Power, Execution is Royalty (and Perception is Noteworthy)

    Knowledge is Power, Execution is Royalty (and Perception is Noteworthy) Knowledge and Execution Of course, there is a whole slew of aspects that go into a creative or productive process that is unique and specific to what is being worked on, as well as the role taken on by an individual. Such as a journalist […]

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  • Am I an Imposter? Imposter Syndrome and How to Handle it

    [player id=2725] I don’t belong here. Everyone’s going to hate me. I’m a fraud, an imposter. I don’t deserve any of this. Do any of these sentences sound familiar to you? If so, you’re experiencing a phenomenon that is known as imposter syndrome. Most people have these thoughts from time to time, including myself. Today […]

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  • Learn to Problem Solve with a Rubik’s Cube

    The Rubik’s cube. Everyone’s tried to tackle the colourful puzzle but it seems to be impossible to solve. But that’s where you’re wrong. In this post I’m going to clear your mind of all prejudice about the cube and guide you to problem solve its solution. The Rubik’s cube is a great way to show […]

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  • Pomodoro Technique

    When traversing through KOA, you may come across an odd and very confusing  emoticon. An emoticon of a tomato. This little tomato is used to mark one successful Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro Technique was created as a means of studying as efficiently as possible. Every Pomodoro is followed with a break. Here is a breakdown […]

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