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May News 2022

KOA has a special theme this month… we have the theme family.

Why family?
According to the book Miracle Morning, family is one of the areas of life that we should try to balance out. Even though balancing everything is nearly impossible.

On top of that the month of May happens to have International Family day on the 15th! What better way to ‘Better Yourself, Better Your World’ than to combine an internationally celebrated day with an area that some of us might be taken for granted sometimes.


From a short-list our users, you, choose Little Women – By Louisa May Alcott.

The habitica challenge: Little Women

Book of the month page:
Little Women – By Louisa May Alcott


Family can begin in many ways, but they stand with the importance of connections and communication.
This challenge will help us all build, rebuild and keep the connections we have (or want).

Wellness Sector

Having a place to call ‘home’ and feel safe is one of the basic needs we have as humans. Join in with the wellness sector to build up those habits to engrain the social connection with your (chosen) family.

As clans are a part of KOA, they will be joining in with this Family theme:

The Clockwork Knights

This clan is still looking for a new leader, if you are interested please fill in the application form and mention you’d like to take over.

The Gathering

As this clan is all about helping one another grow they will be joining the other clans in their challenges. Share in your clan what you joined and maybe why, as why is the reason we keep growing.

The Round Table

For most of the month Hard Mode will be running a challenge with the working title: “We are Family: the Value of Family ties on Mental and Physical Wellbeing” Join them on this themed challenge to find out more.

The Silver Tongues

Language based exercises have 4 different angles. This month the Silver Tongues are going to hone in on listening, writing, reading and speaking skills in their TL. All using a bit of family knowledge.

Don’t forget to check out the Silver Tongue Discord page

The Students

Family can mean a lot of things, let’s find out more with the Student’s challenge that runs May 9th to May 22nd.

Wolf Pack

Working out is always for personal goals, but there is more fun to be had if you can do it togehter. Grab your family members to join in this May Family fun together.

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