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July News 2022

KOA has decided to keep the themes going. This month we have the theme …. Be Prepared

Why Be Prepared?
For most of us it’s the end of a school year, maybe even time for vacation from our jobs. There is no better time than the present to prepare for the next challenges ahead.

Don’t be discouraged, there are more ways than one to prepare as you’ll see by the featured challenges!


A well known book for many of us, but still a great read to ready-up our efforts in life: Atomic Habits. Click on the title for the BOTM page.

Here is the link to the current Habitica Challenge


The monthly foundation series is always a good way to prepare yourself for anything. This daily task will help us all find a good routine to better our next days.

This week we have a Habitica Night Routine Challenge.

Wellness Sector

Preparing comes in many different shapes and forms. This month the wellness challenge is to be proud of what you accomplish and remember to take time to relax.

Here is the link to the Habitica Wellness Challenge

Now for the Clan challenges

Clockwork Knights

Running from the 4th till the 11th of July (with edits ahead):
Be Prepared the Day with the Chain Habit Rule


Running all month long:
Plan your day

Silver Tongues

Running all month:
Get in that TL time.

We all wish you a great month of preparing for anything you might want to achieve in the (near) future!

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