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The Silver Tongues Clan Application

We want you to join The Silver Tongues Clan! We are a group for learning languages and cultures! We have all levels of learners of all languages.

You must be a member of both KOA and KOAI Discord servers. If you are not a member it only takes seconds to join!
You must help others learn and help make an international community.

Here are the links to join:
KOA –  https://discord.gg/EYX7XGG
KOAI –  https://discord.gg/6SKB94q

Please message MonKhan#1913 on Discord for help!!!

Be sure to include the discriminator: e.g. Horace#0001
This does NOT begin with an @ symbol!
Found in User > Settings > API > User ID
This is “http://www.habitica.com/profile/USER_ID” using the USER_ID above. Make sure when you put this link in your browser it shows your profile!
Only English is OK 🙂