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About Us

Knights of Academia is an educational organization devoted to helping individuals actively become the greatest versions of themselves through the development of self discipline, critical thinking and positive habits. We believe that in order to see true change in the world, we need to first embody that change within ourselves.

Why “Knights of Academia”?
Our vision is to help individuals add depth to their lives and worldview by becoming what Abraham Maslow calls a ‘self-actualized person’. In our worldview, applying knowledge carefully and participating in intelligent debate helps us develop as people and follow our individual passions. We are the Knights of Academia because we are conquerors of knowledge and seek to better ourselves with it!

The International KOA Community
Within KOA lives a vibrant online community of forward thinkers around the globe. Want to dive in? Navigate the Habitica Guild, KOA Clans, and Community platforms through the menu above to explore!

This site serves as the central nexus between our many platforms. Don’t use Habitica? That’s okay! No Facebook? No problem! Our website is the meeting place for everyone to get on the same page no matter how they engage or interact with us. Everything you see here has been a joint effort to create, and there is always more room for improvement. Ask a staff team member how you can contribute today!

Our Philosophies for Success

  1. Simplify Everything — Your life and neural wiring will change drastically if you keep things simplified and organized. As the infamous Carl Jung has expressed, our immediate environment is a direct reflection of our psyche. Clean house, clear conscience. Tidy desk, tidy mind.
  2. Find the Root of Your Learning — Whenever you are in a learning situation, think to yourself “What is this really teaching? What sparked humanity’s curiosity to pursue this in the first place?” This step is directly correlated with step one, simplification. Simplify your thought process; focus on the bigger picture of what you’re learning. How would you explain this if you explained it to a five year old? Allow yourself to be genuinely curious about the subject. For example, math is simply a pure way of describing and understanding the reality around us. Those boring lengthy philosophy lectures? They give us the tools for the biggest questions we have in life such as: “Why are we here?” “How do I live a good life and be happy?” Focus on the absolute core of whatever information is in front of you and follow your emotional connection to it. Allow your natural curiosity to be your guide.
  3. Time is Motion — A superpower you have without your knowing is the ability to take control of your time. To plan out your week and spend your time in a conscious, deliberate way. Most of us, through not fault of our own, get distracted by chasing shallow pleasures or mundane tasks. By actively avoiding these distractions we become the master of our time and of ourselves. Try writing out your important tasks for today. Plan for the week ahead. See if you can mold your time the way you would like it to unfold, and see just how much influence you can have on your life by doing so.
  4. Pay Attention — If you live your life attentively, each moment is a learning opportunity.  Be aware as you go about your day to day activities. See how much more you notice the things that you usually do on autopilot without even consciously thinking. Everyone and everything has a lesson to teach you if you allow it.
  5. Know Yourself — If knowledge is power, introspection gives us the tools to live a powerful life. Whether it be finances, health, business or personal development, knowing who you are and want you want gives you the freedom to excel without being weighed down by the meddling of our subconscious. Instead we have the clarity to know what it is we truly want and the power to go and take it.
  6. Choose your Environment — There are countless factors that impact how our personalities develop, and we have a strong level of control over that. Similar to the maxim that you are what you eat, you are also the books you read, the television you watch and the people you choose to spend time with. Everything we allow into our minds for consumption affects our actions. Advertisers are particularly aware of this and find ways to make us consume media without our conscious knowledge or consent. Becoming mindful of the many things that we let in gives us greater control of what comes out.
  7. Be Wary of Second Hand Interpretation  – Reading source documents and creating your own interpretations of thoughts, philosophies, ideas or events is an essential skill. When you consume someone else’s interpretation of a source document, you are consuming a filtered version of the original that may not be an honest reflection. Studies have shown that the less we engage in activities that improve critical thinking, the less our brains opts for thinking critically. Try picking up an oft-quoted text and looking at it for yourself — does it mean what you thought it meant? Engaging with great thoughts draws you closer to the true meaning of the text.

Knights of Academia is founded on the strong belief that the we have the power to have a positive influence on our world. Stay on guard and pay close attention to what truly matters. Be courageous in both life and in sharing your unique expression of it. We view this as the starting point for creating a life worth living and a world worth living in.

Better yourself, Better your world.