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Pomodoro Technique

When traversing through KOA, you may come across an odd and very confusing  emoticon. An emoticon of a tomato.

This little tomato is used to mark one successful Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro Technique was created as a means of studying as efficiently as possible.

Every Pomodoro is followed with a break. Here is a breakdown of a typical Pomodoro strategy

Focus Phases

One Pomodoro Session: 25 minutes of focus   (tomato)

One Pomodoro Set: 4 Sessions of 25 minutes

Break Phases

One Pomodoro Session: 5 minute break

One Pomodoro Set: 20 minute break

If you see us throwing tomato’s around the community, don’t hide. Instead, create your own and join in 🙂



Intro to Pomodoro (YouTube):

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