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The Year Compass

YearCompass: Close your year, plan the next.

It’s time to bid farewell to 2018, and what better way to do it than reflecting on our experiences, achievements and failures? Whether you are an advocate of New Year’s Resolutions or not (actually sticking to them is not easy, we know), reflecting on your goals and planning the outline of the year ahead is an inmensely beneficial habit that can improve your self awareness; thus helping you prevent repetition of previous mistakes and bad habits.

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pencilComplete the YearCompass booklet

raised_handThe Vow: Make a vow to complete the YearCompass in COTW channel on the Discord server

(Suggested date for the YearCompass event: 26/12/2018 – 06/01/2019) I vow to dedicate these next 7 days to complete the YearCompass booklet and master the art of reflection and goal planning.

Write down your goals for 2019 in the Discord server

(optional) Complete the YearCompass with a group!

A group of inspirational people can keep you accountable and make the experience much more insightful.