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Procrastination Challenge

Created By:Tom Barn


This is a challenge for people who want to get off their asses and make a difference in their lives and the world.

Challenge Description

The challenge does not have any specific tasks or goals that you have to accomplish, because you will be the one setting them. There will be some habits and to-dos and some easy dailies.

The habits column includes: -Time chunking method e.g Pomodoro timer -Drawing the Matrix for situational awareness*

Dailies: -Fill in a diary. Write down new lessons from self-reflection. It can be as short as 1 paragraph or a small essay. It’s even better if you share it on a forum or a chat with your group.

  • Do the task that you assigned yourself

Some tips to get started: -Schedule your rewards before your rewards make your schedule. We all had too many chocolates or screen time before doing what we were supposed and fooled ourselves into procrastinating the whole day.

  • Start small on your own standards. If you want to read a book, it doesn’t matter that other people can read 50-100 pages a day. You start with less and work your way up. -Break down your projects and pick the smallest and easiest tasks so that you can gain momentum and get into the flow state. -Commit to the cause. It’s only about yourself. It’s about the world around you. When you get better, people around you get the benefit as well. If you fail, then get back up again and start over.

*The Matrix works like this: http://www.selfinfluence.net/five-steps-to-stopping-bad-habits/

  1. Ask “What am I doing?”
  2. Ask “Is this a toward or away move?” 3a. If away, ask “What thoughts and feelings am I moving away from?” (skip to 4) 3b. If towards, ask “Who and what am I moving towards that are important to me?” (skip to 5)
  3. Ask “Where in the body are you noticing those feelings?” Point to them.
  4. Ask “How does it feel to notice which direction you are moving in?” “Where are those feelings in the body?” Point to them.

Here is an example of the following:

What am I doing? I’m browsing a website. Is this a toward or away move? It’s an away move. What am I moving away from? I’m exhausted and just want to feel good. Where in the body are you noticing those feelings? Pointed to my head. How does it feel to notice that? Not good.

Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTb3d5cjSFI



  • Self Reflective Diary Entry
  • Do What You Assigned Yourself To Do