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The Last Huzzah of Summer

Summer isn’t over yet!


This week we dedicate our time to the great outdoors. This can be camping, walking, or any chosen exercise. Just get out there and experience the beautiful magic of summer. Bonus points if you share those sweet sunset pictures in #snapshots



Disclaimer: If you’re in KOA & competing for the Champion of the Week title, you must complete “The Vow” & “Reflection” to win


Make the Vow!

I vow to dedicating these next 7 days to enjoying summer to the best of my ability


Bonus Points if you make the vow in #Challenge-of-the-Week (found in the KOA Discord Server)

Before Summer Ends Bucket List

Create a bucket list of activities you want to do before Summer ends. Choose at least 3 activities for this list, but bonus activities score you extra brownie points


Add this to your reflection if you’re in KOA

Optional: Live Catch

Take a picture during, before, or after one of your activities! Feel free to share this to #challenge-of-the-week, the guild chat, or #snapshots!


Brownie points for those sweet sunset pictures


Reflect to the community your findings. What about this weeks Challenge was difficult/surprisingly easy? What did you learn about yourself? Would you say this has been beneficial in making you a stronger more effective person?