Book of the Month

The KOA Book of the Month club lives in a dedicated #book-of-the-month channel in our Discord server! Each month we vote on a book to read and discuss our progress, any relevant themes, interesting ideas and overall impressions. Click the following links to view what’s going on right now or click the covers below to see summaries of a book of the month gone by! Have a book you’d like to suggest? Feel free to send it over!

Current BOTM

I, robot, by Isaac Asimov

During May we’ll be looking at a classic of sci-fi books which is one of the first published books of Isaac Asimov. Here he first describes the three laws of robotics and shares 9 stories in which he describes human and robots’ relationships, psychology and morality, all within an interview with Dr. Calvin, who has great knowledge about the development of the robot industry since it’s beginnings.

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