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Community Guidelines

  1. KOA is an all ages community. Please do not post pornographic images and be considerate of other users
  2. When you join KOA, you are among friends. Be respectful towards other users; even in disagreement. If you have a problem with a user in specific, contact a Guardian and the issue will be resolved
  3. Controversial & Biased discussion tends to do more harm than good. Move your conversations on controversial subjects such as politics and religion over to the Jesters of Academia server found in #our-friends
  4. When at all possible, make sure your conversation fits the topic of the channel you’re in
  5. Advertisement of products, brands, organizations and otherwise is prohibited within KOA without prior consent. No soliciting either!
  6. Only Official Clans of KOA may recruit for their Habitica Parties from within this Server
  7. Above all, remember why you are here. We know KOA is a fun place to interact with others, but always keep in mind the core philosophy of KOA and what you want to get out of our Community. You’ve started your journey with KOA so that you can improve yourself. Do not neglect your work because of it. Staying passionate about the work and life you have outside of KOA will only give you the ability to share more of your experiences with us when you do come back to the Community.

We are here to help you live life. Not escape from it!

If a user Violates a Community Guideline, KOA Staff Team reserves the right to moderate as deemed appropriate. For more extreme cases, a user may be kicked or banned from KOA entirely. This is a shortened version of our full Community Guidelines for ease of reading.