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The following is a series of non-profits, Discord servers, and general do-gooders that we like, and thought you might too!


The WPS Foundation
The WPS is a non-profit that holds the belief that quality education should be freely available for everyone, regardless of their background and knowledge. They believe that everybody has the potential to become great, given the opportunity. By using a growth mindset and relying on the power of the community, they offer access to a centralised place where students of all backgrounds can choose their learning path and find their way towards success.

Beyond the Five
Beyond the Five is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students from around the world pursue higher level education. They offer virtual learning community with ambitious students from around the world over 150 free, online, self-paced courses with dedicated instructors (who themselves study at places like Cornell, UC Berkely, Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon) and live teacher feedback. Registration and acceptance occurs on a rolling basis, so check them out for all your student support needs!

Discord Servers

Habitica (unofficial)
Introducing our partners Habitica Unofficial! Founded by BardoVelho, Habitica Unofficial has made it their mission to support the Habitica Community since 2019 by giving them a safe and friendly place to chat and for all of the Guilds that once existed on the platform before August 8th, 2023. They are a wonderful place to find new Guilds, Parties, Challenges, and all things Habitica related!

Creator Cove
Creator Cove is discord’s newest hub for all creators. Whether you’re a programmer, a musician, an artist, a gamer, or really any type of creator, Creator Cove has a place for you!

Programmers Palace
Programmers Palace is an open and helpful community for people of all experience levels who are interested in programming or computer science. We offer support for a variety of programming languages and levels: from those who want to learn to program all the way to experienced developers looking to assist others. In addition to constant live support, we periodically have events and offer courses in programming and web design. If you are looking to share, help, learn or discuss, then programmers palace is for you.

Previous – Habitica Guilds

The Brasil Guild to be found on Habitica (unofficial)

Welcome to the headquarters for the wonderful people of Brasil! If you’re looking to practice up on your Portuguese or simply want to meet a phenomenal very inviting community, visit The Brasil Guild today!

The Challenge Accepted Guild

One of the most well known best guilds of Habitica. The Challenge Accepted Guild routinely hosts high quality challenges, has a fantastic community, and is oriented towards helping us get more out of life. Add some spice to your life with the Challenge Accepted Guild!

The Early to Bed, Early to Rise Guild to be found on Habitica (unofficial)

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Benjamin Franklin US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 – 1790) Getting your sleeping habits right can be one of the most powerful tools an individual can develop. We highly recommend you join this wonderful community of early risers.

The En Español Guild

The En Español Guild is the home base for the phenomenal Spanish speaking men and women of Habitica. Dive further into the culture, practice the language, or converse with others in your native language!

Gamified Reading

Having trouble with your reading? The Gamified Reading guild not only deals with major problems such as time management, long TBR (To-Be-Read) lists, and buying too many books, but it also makes tackling these problems fun!

Graduate Student Guild

The Graduate Student Guild is the perfect place to go if you’re a graduate student or prospective graduate student. In this community, you can get those tips and tricks to completing your thesis, dissertation, or other big foreboding project. Or just get support and advice from other fellow grad students

Habitica Party Roster

The Habitica Party Roster, a brand new innovation where users can advertise their Habitica party in a clean and organized way. Members can easily find a party that’s right for them because the most important data such as member count and aim of the party is clear from the start. We highly recommend you check this out!

The Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is a community to study online via diverse universities world-wide. Numerous collected courses, lectures and classes await to be discovered!

The Life Hackers Guild to be found on Habitica (unofficial)

Join The Life Hackers Guild and discover an absolute gold mine of life hacks, resources, and a dedicated and passionate community that will help you become more. Join over 50,000 Life Hackers dedicated to making life more fulfilling.

The Procrastinators Guild

The Procrastinators Guild:

Learn the strategies, techniques, and skills to turn the tide in the war against procrastination in the Procrastinator’s Guild. 16,000 members strong and counting!

The Renaissance Man

(Ren·ais·sance man / noun / 1. a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.)

This guild is for those who are in pursuit of being a Renaissance Man or Woman. Being cultured and interesting is a virtue. The only way to do be the smartest person in the room is by studying and applying large amount of varying skills and talents.

The Scholars Guild to be found on Habitica (unofficial) as “Study with me”

Simply put, the home for all lovers of learning. The Scholars Guild is the perfect place to share your tips, tricks, and tools of the trade with your fellow students here, and to help each other stay afloat in the vast sea of knowledge. The Scholars is over 58,000 members strong and remains the highest ranking Guild of Habitica.