Weekly Sunday Newsletter

Happy Day of the Sun!


Quote of the Day: Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.


  • Mark Twain



Challenge of the Week


Champion of the Week: @Pralkarz


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Our Next COTW: Moments of Solitude – Inspired by our BOTM, we will find time to be alone with our thoughts


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KOA Newsletter



Challenge of the Week: Moments of Solitude


Book of the Month: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport


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two_men_holding_hands KOA Community Events

Our Town Hall is coming up!

  • We have more going on now than ever before in KOA history and it is EXCITING. If you’d like to see what our team has in store for the next quarter, I highly recommend you join us for this public event early September.

Our 3rd Birthday Event Has Concluded! Thank you blush

  • Thank you to all who made it out to Trivia night to celebrate our third birthday; It was an absolute blast. We had users who were here at the beginning, and users who were new additions to the community. You can find out more about our Trivia winners down below!


Birthday Trivia Champions birthday trophy

Congratulations to our Birthday Trivia Champions! Below are the event winners and their corresponding prizes.

1) @Xinverse: Limited Edition KOA Merch (hat, shirt, or sweatshirt!)

2) @Kugoi: 365 Day Headspace Subscription

3) @codebyter: 15 Habitica Gems

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newspaper Other News

Pom War Season 2 has been pushed back to October

  • Our second season of our legendary pom war event has been pushed back to early October because we want to do this right, not fast. In the meantime our programming and administrative team will be working incredibly hard to make this the most legendary event of all time.

New KOA Challenges

  • We are now publishing some fantastic weekly challenges to the public section of Habitica! You can find any of our challenges by searching for the tag KOA.

Hard Moders Unite!

  • Shoutout to all who are new to the Hard Mode family! It’s great to have you here with us.

Thank you Eric Rose and Austin for creating our Birthday Trivia Event!

  • The three of you worked very hard in a very short amount of time to make this event happen. Eric, the fact that you managed to code a full event feature within 6 hours amazes me. You’re an incredible team, and I’m honored to work with each of you.

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That’s all for this week! Make today count and be well.