Happy Day of the Sun!

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Happy Day of the Sun!


Quote of the Day: Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.


  • Dr. Seuss



Challenge of the Week


Champion of the Week: @stars_and_studies


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Our Next COTW: Finding your Happy Place

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KOA Newsletter



Challenge of the Week: Finding your Happy Place


Book of the Month: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport


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two_men_holding_hands KOA Community Events

game_die KOA Game Night game_die

Sunday, August 11 at 3 pm UTC (10 am CDT)

We are playing Scattergories, Uno, and more! Come hang out and have a fun time with fellow KOA members!

Remember to add this event to your calendars so you don't miss it!


Sharpen your Swords .. Pom War Season 2 is Right Around the Corner!

  • Pom War Season 2 is very near! Join in some raids and begin sharpening your swords, as we will dominate the war to come. Prepare for the war coming early next month!


KOA has just published The Pomodoro Technique tomato

You can read or listen to this article at

Thank you to Joshua and Dawn for their great work on this article. We hope you like it!


newspaper Other News

Welcome to The Team! blush

small_orange_diamond @Pocket to Website Manager

small_orange_diamond @Sosocles to Wellness Sector Leader

small_orange_diamond @wordvalkyrie to Helper

small_orange_diamond @Tekrus to Engineering Contributor


Age of Pandora: a new fitness program being led by @Sosocles_the_green.

  • We are working on a brand new role for this limited time program. If you’d like to participate, please contact Sosocles directly.

Sir Horace VII: The Intelligence Update

  • Our legendary bot made by @Eric is receiving a massive update that we can expect to be released shortly!

KOA Hackathon Event Watch: Initiated

  • Keep your eyes peeled! Information on our Hackathon can show up in #announcements at ANY MOMENT! Don’t miss it, turn your notifications on 🙂


Welcome back @Xinverse! We missed you 🙂

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That’s all for this week! Make today count and be well.

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.