Happy Day of the Sun!

Weekly Sunday Newsletter

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Happy Day of the Sun!


Quote of the Day: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


  • Confucius



Challenge of the Week


Champion of the Week: @Rylar


Our Next COTW: Practicing Gratitude – Being thankful can do wonders for the mind and spirit


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KOA Newsletter



Challenge of the Week: Practicing Gratitude


Book of the Month: Atomic Habits by James Clear


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two_men_holding_hands KOA Community Events

Join us for our July Fireside this weekend! fire

Social Hour is Next Weekend!


Welcome to The Team! blush

small_orange_diamond @Pocket to Website Manager

Pocket will be working closely with the KOA website team. Our design, content creation, and face of our organization are all getting a huge improvement with Pocket working hands on as our Website Manager.


small_orange_diamond @Sosocles to Wellness Sector Leader

Sosocles has been making leaps and bounds in Wellness since his first days in KOA. It was only natural that he took the helm and made it official. Welcome to the team Sos!


small_orange_diamond @wordvalkyrie to Helper

Wordval has proven her leadership qualities since day one. Constantly acting as the true leader and pillar of support that is her nature. We’re very glad to see you on the team val. Welcome 🙂


small_orange_diamond @Tekrus to Engineering Contributor

We have a new addition to our programming team, and his name is Tekrus! Clan Leaders, Tekrus will be tackling our Clan Data tool as his very first project with us. If you have any questions on this project, please contact Tek or Kindly, our head of our programming team, directly. It’s an honor to have you on the team. Welcome!


newspaper Other News

Clan Data Tool is now in Development

  • Clan Leaders, rejoice! Our Clan Data tool is beginning development shortly with a new programmer to spearhead the project. For information on our clan data tool, or feature requests if you’re a clan leader, please contact @Tekrus or @Kindly directly. Our cut-off for feature requests is 11:59pm CDT tonight.

Sir Horace VII: The Intelligence Update

  • Our legendary bot is receiving a massive update that we can expect to be released early this week. @Eric has been very hard at work on this, so please send some love his way when you see him.

KOA Hackathon Event Watch: Initiated

  • Keep your eyes peeled! Information on our Hackathon can show up in #announcements at ANY MOMENT! Don’t miss it, turn your notifications on 🙂

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That’s all for this week! Make today count and be well!

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.