Happy Day of the Sun!

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Happy Day of the Sun!


Quote of the Day: If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.


  • Napolean Hill



Challenge of the Week


Champion of the Week: @Rose2242


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Our Next COTW: Utilizing Affirmations


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Challenge of the Week: Utilizing Affirmations


Book of the Month: Atomic Habits by James Clear




two_men_holding_hands KOA Community Events

Social Hours! blush

  • We’re bringing back Social hours! Social Hours are community events with the sole purpose of bringing us closer together as a community. Spearheaded by our wonderful event manager, Rose will send out a poll prior to each social hour. Social Hour events may cover movie nights, podcast hour, TED Talks, community games such as warewolf or diep.io, and much much more. To test out social hours, we had an impromptu social hour last week. A screenshot of the event can be found below 🙂

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Our July Hackathon is drawing near! computer

  • Big thanks to Eric and Kraftwerk for putting so much time into planning this event down to the last detail. I’m personally looking very much forward to it! Programmers, get a project ready. You’re about to test your mettle against some of the best programming minds of KOA.


newspaper Other News

The Community Pom Bank is under development!

  • Our Community Pom feature is now under development! This feature was solidified during our last community town hall. It will act very similar to how a standard pom event may function, yet with a simple twist. This event will be both permanent and will contain no leaderboard. In effect, this will give true KOA pom events enough space to still remain special despite the permanent feature. We will also be shutting down the Pomodoro Bank during pom event season.


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That’s all for this week! Make today count and be well.

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.