Town Hall — March 2020

Parish Notes

🗓 Sunday, March 22nd at 5pm UTC

📜 The Overview

  • Introducing Camelot: We’re expanding to a new platform!
  • KOA Organisational Structure: Our options as we become a non-profit organisation.
  • Discord Updates: Future of #map-of-koa and Volunteering Club.
  • Community: KOA has some new friends and plans to make more, including Discord!

👫 Community Q&A

What did we do particularly well?

  • This quarter we released the KOA Pom Bot, a variation of the pom war bot designed to allow members to track their poms while keeping the magic of our pom war events.
  • To keep the productivity magic all in one space — and out of Citadel! — we created the #raid-room channel for all your pom chat needs.
  • We released our merch store with our three community-created designs — check the shop out here!

What can we work on?

  • Pom Channel Restructure — Despite the improvement of giving pom discussion their own space, there has been some confusion / debate on the most effective way of organising the productivity channels.
  • Additional merch ideas that have come up include journals, pins and notebooks.
  • Some of our sectors need a bit of a boost and refresh to get the lifeblood flowing through them again.

How we’re taking action…

  • Productivity channels? We’ll be trialling different channel locations in the server as well as merging or renaming them to make it as clear and user-friendly as possible.
  • New merch ideas?  A landslide vote decided that our next piece of merch should be a KOA Journal! Watch this space…
  • Our Camelot server? With your approval we’re trialling the name ‘Jesters of Academia’ to reduce confusion with our new Camelot platform.
  • Sector activity? We’re performing a staff review while keeping an eye on the message history of particular sectors.

📣 KOA Community Updates

Community Overview

  • We now stand at 3,712 members — that’s 340 new knights since our last Town Hall event!
  • At this rate, we’re set to smash through 4k members on the Discord in the next quarter.
  • All of our new productivity channels have experienced a particular spike in activity — a testament to all the great work you guys have been doing on and off the server!
  • A special shout out to Shaur for doing a fantastic job in engaging and nurturing us all in the Wellness Sector, particularly in these times.

Marketing & Outreach

  • While preparing for a new influx of members we’ve allocated further budget and core team efforts on expanding our outreach efforts.
  • We’re pleased to announce a few new web partnerships with Creator Cove and Programmer’s Palace. You’ll be seeing their names pop up on the website very soon.
  • We’ve placed a call out for Discord partners — if you know of a Discord server you think would be a good fit in our recommended communities please let us know!

Staff Updates & Channel Changes

Some new faces and promotions that we’re excited to announce for you…

  • A huge welcome to Draco to the core staff team as a Helper and Head of R&D! Draco has been a key driver on so many of our engineering projects and we’re so excited to see him flourish in his new role.
  • With enormous gratitude and sadness we say goodbye to Kayla, who has run our Book of the Month feature with diligence and aplomb. That said, we are very excited to welcome Lady Artemisa into the role. Keep an eye out for a few key changes to the club including group discussions and balancing fiction and non-fiction book choices.
  • An internal change has occurred in our newly coined core staff team, which has caused a shift in our Guardian and Helper roles. All core staff members hold the same seniority.
    • Guardians are now our front line workers, you’ll see them in the Discord server engaging with and moderating the community.
    • Helpers work more behind the scenes. They may not be as visible in the server, but they are hard at work managing projects and maintaining the features you know and love.
  • We also say goodbye to the Club Leader role. Clubs have become groups that run themselves and we’ve decided to funnel that staff energy into different projects. Massive thank you to all club leaders past and present for your contributions!

Discord Channel Updates

  • Introducing the Social Betterment Club! A much-needed revamp of our neglected Volunteer Club, this multipurpose club is the hub of activity guided by our slogan, “Better Yourself, Better Your World”.
  • Emma and Austin are hard at work updating our new knight information channel: #map-of-koa. We’ll be streamlining the format, updating outdated information and featuring the most important knowledge for new members sooner.

KOA Events

  • Details have been announced for our May Pomodoro Event! KOA will be hosting several of our partner servers for a fantastic pom event with a gamified twist. After completing a pom participants will have the option to ‘Attack’, ‘Defend’ or ‘Throw a Bomb’ against competing teams.
  • We’re just finishing up our last few days of our first Hackathon event! Keep your eyes peeled for the prize-winning entry and recipients of limited edition 3D-Printed commemorative KOA swords.

Upcoming events you can look forward to in the next quarter include…

  • Karaoke Night (after April Fireside)
  • Group Reading Event (in conjunction with the BOTM)
  • Games Night
  • Bob Ross-A-Thon V2
  • Trivia Night
  • The introduction of mini-events — short-form events on different platforms such as Drawful, and Jackbox.

Your KOA needs you!

KOA is 100% volunteer-run, meaning all our existing features and everything we’re working on is made possible by our members. If you’d like to make the leap from member to staff for KOA, KOAI or any other group, please swing by our applications page to drop in your name. No contribution is too small!

To our existing staff: thank you for everything you do! You’re what makes all of this possible!

⏩ Looking Ahead: What to Expect

Engineering News

  • Merging website and engineering teams and projects. Under Colin, all projects will be communicated clearly through our KOA GitHub and he’ll be clearing out anything stagnating in the KOA in-tray.
  • Another project that is gaining traction in the months to come are the KOA Pom Rooms. After your feedback during the town hall we’ll be breaking ground on a web-based productivity timer in the coming weeks. If you’d like to participate, please send in an application!
  • Horace updates continue to be shared on our News Page. Features you can expect in the next few updates include improvements to the highlight feature, more !info responses, various big fixes, and a new welcome message.

Website News

  • With the new appointment of Colin to Head of R&D you’ll be seeing some forward motion and activity on the GitHub regarding web-related projects.
  • With Lady Artemisa in charge of the Book of the Month we’ll be looking at different ways to crowdsource the BOTM archival articles to open creation to the community.
  • The KOA Podcast is underway, with half of our guests confirmed and outlines being written. Keep an eye on the Discord for temporary channels opening up asking your your questions to our experts!
  • As we develop our server and website partnerships, keep an eye out for a revamped Our Friends page to show them off in style!

Updates on the Non-Profit Status

We continue to pursue non-profit status. The two options available to us at this time are…

  1. Registering as an independent non-profit — This is a six to eight month process that would stand KOA up as an independent entity with all the privileges and responsibilities involved.
  2. Seeking fiscal sponsorship — A fiscal sponsor is an independent non-profit that seeks to support smaller companies with social betterment agendas. They provide administrative and legal support while requiring some input on how the sub-company (i.e. KOA) is run.

We continue to review our options in these two avenues and will come back to you with updates as and when we have them!

Camelot: Our Love Letter To KOA

Camelot is a new productivity app by many of the KOA Staff made with the needs of KOA members in mind and aiming to bring the magic of our little community out into the world. Here are some fast facts:

  • We are moving towards our “KOA Friends and Family Launch” mid-April.
  • Our designer, Melissa, has been hard at work creating the gorgeous interface.
  • Camelot is engineered in parallel with the hard science of habit building as well as the key insights behind Human Focused intelligent design.
  • After the KOA Friends and Family Launch, we’ll implement any tweaks and revisions before our official launch — lots of exciting activities to come for that!

Closing Ceremony

  • Thank you to Flower, GRK, LadyArtemisa and Linh who acted as scribes for this Town Hall!
  • The Habitica gem giveaway for staying to the end of Town Hall rewarded Art, Ghost and GRK for their contributions and attention.
  • Thanks for joining, and we’ll see you at our next Town Hall in June!