Town Hall — June 2020

Parish Notes

🗓 Monday, June 22nd at 5pm UTC

🎉 Looking Back

What did we get up to in the last three months?

  • The May 2020 Pom War was a massive success with The Vikings sporting the fancy new victors role! Together we achieved almost eight full months of productivity!
  • Our latest update in the move towards non-profit status has been to release our new mission statement and values system and clearer terms and conditions on the Discord.
  • The Better Your World Podcast dedicated to KOA was released last month on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Check out for episodes, links and show notes!
  • Horace, the Discord bot, has gotten continuous updates: bug fixes, small feature tweets and the like. Check out the News Page for detailed release notes!
  • A new side bar role is making our lives a little more purple: department managers are in charge of various sections of KOA and help with the day to day running so give them a little love next time you see them!

Based on your feedback from March Town Hall

  • Activity in our sectors is now looked after by Mariel who is working with sector leaders to coordinate events and keep things moving forward. Linh is working to tie sector events into Habitica.
  • Camelot was renamed Knights off Duty.
  • Productivity Channels are continuing to be adjusted based on your feedback.
  • Journals are still under discussion. We’ve found some good providers, but need to build a team to manage this project in order to continue.

⏩ Looking Ahead

What's in store for the next three months?

  • The next step for non-profit status is to elect board members to help guide KOA and their mission as a non-profit!
  • Selectric and Joshua are coordinating a new approach to developing content for the website.
  • More events! Coordinating server-wide and sector-based events, and planning for the next pom war.
  • Chloe will be conducting a well-needed security review of all KOA technology and online spaces.
  • The R&D team are working on ongoing Horace updates, Pom Bots, and a developing a spinoff bot for KOA: International.
  • An update on Camelot: launching soon! Camelot is a self-development platform made as a love letter to KOA that makes it easier to build habits with friends.
    (Message Alex for an invite to the private beta!)

Celebrating Diversity!

As part of KOA’s commitment to diversity, and in reaction to the events going on in the world, a handful of our departments are including stories and experiences of diversity to our community. So far…

  • The Arts Sector chose the weekly prompt Black Lives Matter to explore how art celebrates diversity and the influences of black creatives in all mediums.
  • We hosted a Challenge of the Week where we vowed to dedicate the next seven days to “mastering the art of hearing the experiences of those who are different from myself.”
  • Our upcoming movie night features a roster of films dedicated to examining and celebrating diversity for our members to choose from.

Community Feedback

Opening the floor to the community, you made the following suggestions…

  • Social Betterment (formerly Volunteer Club) was a confusing name change and didn’t result in the engagement we expected.
  • Similarly, Early to Sleep no longer accurately reflects the conversations going on in that club.
  • Some members have no idea our clubs exist, potentially due to them being so far down the sidebar or the fact that you have to opt in to see the channels.
  • New feature requests including a KOA Notion Template, place for discussion on the website, resource library updates.

As a result of member voting we also made the following changes!

  • Fitness Club has been promoted to the Discussion Wing and renamed #physical-fitness.
  • To take its place we’ve created a new Gratefulness Club based on the successful Wellness challenge.

Community Updates

People of KOA

A huge welcome and thank you to the latest people to hop on board the KOA team or take on some new responsibilities!

  • Ollie and Ankle as the new Sector Leader and Hand for #😌wellness.
  • Kev as Hand of R&D helping Colin run the engineering projects.
  • Dawn for her excellent audio producing on the podcast.
  • Linh as our new KOA Habitica Manager coordinating Clan Leaders and assisting Sector Leaders integrating events to Habitica.

We Need You

As always, with all the ambitious projects we want to undertake there is always room to hop on board and lend a hand. Not only are you doing a good deed, but you’re also building skills for the workforce with knowledgeable mentors! Here’s who we’re looking for this quarter…

  • Engineers for R&D projects (Colin) and PHP developers or improvers who want to help with website development (Chloe).
  • Hustle n Bustle Sector Leader and Academics Sector Hand to help organise activities for the relevant sectors (Mariel).
  • KOAI Keepers to moderate KOAI, build quests and other activities (GRK).
  • Team leader, committee and artists and to develop KOA Journals (Chloe).
  • Diversity Officer to ensure inclusion and diversity in all KOA policies and activities (Joshua).

…while website forms are down please DM the appropriate people to register your interest.

Closing Ceremony

  • A big thank you (and a Habitica gem!) goes to Ailish who acted as scribe for this Town Hall!
  • This quarters Habitica gem giveaway for just showing up goes to King and Chloe!
  • A massive thank you to everyone who showed up for the Town Hall meeting — see you all again in September!