Town Hall — December 2019

Parish Notes

🗓 Sunday, December 22nd at 4pm UTC

📜 The Overview

  • Community: New Sector, Channel Updates, stats & leadership promotions
  • Website: Overhaul, Clans Page, Recruitment Forms, and the future of the site.
  • Engineering: Community Pom Bot, Horace, & Engineering
  • World Domination: 2020 Non-Profit Status, Podcast, and a top-secret project

👫 Community Updates

Final Quarter of 2019 in Review

Member Achievements

  • Mark got accepted to study abroad in Paris next year.
  • Tekrus got Horace up and running.
  • LateSparrow got their first star in the Early to Sleep Club.
  • Shruti mastered the art of chopsticks.
  • QueenWolf hosted KOA Secret Santa.

Server Stats & Achievements

  • 3,372 Members, approx 40 this month.
  • Server-wide message trends increased
  • 3 Pom Events: 759,970 minutes of intentional, focused work in 2019. That equals 527.8 days!

Introducing: The Academics Sector!

After a decline in activity in the #social-sciences sector we have decided to replace it with a long-requested #academics sector led by our very own Erschmid, who is also the leader of the Academics KOA clan! Check it out for chat about study techniques, formal education, online courses, learning new things and much more!

Leadership Promotions & Channel Changes

A huge welcome to some brand new members of staff…

  • Mark joins the council of guardians as our newest Helper and Events Manager! Mark continues to contribute tirelessly to the website and Horace, organise events, and in recent months has become a cornerstone of our community. We are happy to welcome him to leadership and look forward to watching him thrive!
  • Stoneybaby and anhero have taken over clan leadership of the Clockwork Knights and the Gathering, respectively.
  • Jessica joins the ranks of our Engineering Team.
  • Shaur and Erschmid fill our remaining Sector Leader positions in Wellness and the newly founded Academics Sector.

Some recent or upcoming changes on the KOA Discord server to keep an eye out for…

  • To make way for the Academics Sector we have retired the Social Sciences Sector. Thank you for your enlightening chatter about psychologies, government styles and qualitative research methods — we look forward to more on that in the new academics sector, wellness, philosophy, journalist club and citadel (wherever is appropriate!).
  • Accountability Station is now permanently in The Capital, reflecting the importance of our community to-do lists in helping us become the best version of ourselves possible!
  • We have decided to turn the Meditation Channel into a club! To join the new secret Monk Club please assign yourself the role in #front-desk and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection.
  • The Fitness Club has replaced the Age of Pandora Club to broaden the conversation and include fitness routines and discussions of all kinds!

KOA Format and Events in 2020

2020 is the year KOA will register officially as a non-profit organization. As we move towards that here are a few notes to keep in mind:

  • We are considering registration in a few different countries due to different financial points of entry and tax benefits. We’ll do our best to communicate what you need to know as clearly as possible.
  • As we engage in more revenue-building activities (such as Amazon affiliate links for the BOTM, subscription support and merchandise) KOA will be collating and releasing a financial document that details our income and spending for the community.
  • For the foreseeable future income will be purely to support KOA infrastructure and events, but in future we hope to get to a point that we can support some of the incredibly hard-working and talented people that our community couldn’t exist without. As always, we’ll check in with the community for guidance and insight on how best to do this.

Under Mark’s watchful eye, KOA will now be host to 2-3 events every month, with times varied to accommodate our members across the globe in different time zones. Alongside our monthly Fireside Chats and quarterly Town Halls you can stay tuned for monthly events such as…

      • Karaoke Night
      • Trivia Night
      • Book of the Month Group Read-along
      • Bob Ross-athon
      • STEM Trivia Night
      • Coding Jam

Member Q&A: Notes from Your Questions

  • More blobs please? Blob emojis on KOA are carefully selected to support the KOA atmosphere, but we have no plans to implement the entire set.
  • Why move around the channels? Active channels equals a healthy server, so condensing or splitting certain topics makes conversation flow better!
  • Event Idea: Study Pom Event? Our little brains are busy pondering it now.

🖥 Website and Content Updates

Website Updates

As you can tell by reading these notes, a big success of the last quarter of 2019 was our successful website revamp! Features released at this time include…

    • Our Book of the Month archives are now up and running (thanks to Shannon and Hiroyuki for your ongoing efforts on this section).
    • Clan Listings and Applications are now on the website — thanks to Mark for programming the live number updates. Now the Clan Leaders get an email every time there is a new application to help new members join more efficiently.
    • Articles continue to be posted along the KOA guiding themes: expanding your view, self-discipline and growth mindset.

In 2020 and the years to come, we’ve got the following on tap for you…

    • Interactive COTW Section
    • Importing challenges to Habitica
    • Hall of Fame for COTW Winners
    • User Accounts and User Trophies 
    • Resource Library
    • Website Events
    • Sector Pages on the Website

Want to give feedback or suggest a new feature for the website? Feel free to Contact Us!

Your Website Needs You!

With all these projects on the go, we’re a few hands short! We’re conducting a search for a Website Tech Lead to help make these features and designs into a reality. If you’re interested in throwing your hat in the ring, or contributing in some other way, please DM Joshua (Pocket) on the KOA Discord!

👾 Engineering and Bot Updates

OpenHorace: the KOA Community Bot

Our new Horace bot was turned open-source and released this quarter with a whole slew of features and updates! To keep up with ongoing releases, keep an eye on our News Page. In the pipeline…

  • Horace will be get his very own Starboard to celebrate quality contributions.
  • Reminder features so you’ll get a nudge from your favourite knight when its time to meditate or check in on Habitica!

Return of the Pom Bot

Did you participate in our October pom war? Did you love the Pom Bot? So did we. That’s why Pom War Bot Daddy, Tekrus is reintroducing it early 2020. The reduced pom bot will not have a leaderboard (to keep our pom war events special) but it will be able to…

  • Display your grand total of poms.
  • Track your poms per session, which you restart whenever makes sense to you.
  • Note how many poms you spent on specific tasks.

Other Engineering Projects for 2020

  • Our very own Pom Timer! The days of losing your progress in the Cuckoo room are numbered! With KOA’s pom rooms we’ll initially create a group timer, but eventually involve the Discord pom bot and website User Accounts to track your productivity!
  • Accountability Match-Up Bot. We know the feeling of needing someone to keep you honest. This nifty little bot will pair you off with other people searching for exactly the same thing to help you progress and keep track of each other!
  • KOAI Matchmaker Bot. This bot will connect members of KOA: International looking to learn a language with native speakers who want to learn your language. It is our hope that this bot will help lift that exchange of languages off of the page (or Discord channel) and also serve a cultural ground to learn more about the world at large.

A Quick Note About Our Staff

KOA is 100% volunteer-run, meaning everything we’ve accomplished in the last year and everything we intend to do in the next year is put together by members like you! If you’d like to chip in and lend a hand with programming or content creating, please swing by our applications page to drop in your name. No contribution is too small!

To our existing staff: we love you to the ends of the earth and back. Thank you for helping make our community what it is!

🦄 Bonus Content!

KOA Podcast: Better Yourself, Better Your World

After bubbling under the surface of KOA for years, we are finally developing a podcast! Joshua and Jacquie are teaming up with Dawn at the sound desk to bring you six 45-60 minute episodes about how to better yourself and the world around you. Here are some fast facts:

  • Season One will be six episodes lasting between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • The question we’re looking to answer is: “how do you better your world?”
  • At least five episodes will have guest speakers.
  • Cohosted by Joshua and Jacquie (lequoise).

Any features, segments, or structural components you want to toss our way? Any speakers or subjects you want us to cover? Any other ideas or thoughts that are related? Shoot Joshua (Pocket) a DM!

Top-Secret App Project

Alex spoke about a top-secret project that he’s developing out of and for members of KOA. We can’t really tell you anything about it, but its super exciting and if you bribe Alex he might tell you more about it. Stay tuned!

Closing Ceremony

  • Thank you to GRK and Draco who acted as join scribes for this Town Hall!
  • Our customary gem giveaway saw Key, Kugoi and Wordvalkyrie walk away with some snazzy Habitica gems.
  • Thank you for joining and we look forward to seeing you at the next KOA Town Hall!