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The Posture Challenge

June 4 – 10 The Posture Challenge

Challenge Description

Turtle neck (aka texting neck) and poor posture is a deep-rooted problem that many of us face. Like most learned behavior, the only way we can correct the bad habit of poor posture is by developing healthy habits that will take precedence over the old. Over time, these new habits will correct your poor posture until your default stance is standing up straight with your shoulders and neck in alignment with the rest of your body.

This is by no means a one-week-and-done challenge. Like many of our previous challenges, it’s necessary that you keep the tasks (or at least keep the habits) that we will begin here.

Disclaimer: Please exercise with caution. You know your limits best. Please be safe.


Some information used here was inspired by the wonderful challenge “Tech Neck” by user @Lamamafox