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The Monotasking Challenge

Stop attempting to multitask! Set aside times to focus on only one thing at a time, and see if this improves your ability to do things with more quality and efficiency.


To Dos

The Vow is Back!

I vow to dedicating these next 7 days to mastering the art of MONOTASKING!

Read or Listen to Practicing Deep Work Habits

Before you can successfully monotask, you need to first lay the foundation by learning how to work deeply.

The 3 Tasks

Choose three tasks that you are going to work deeply on throughout the course of this week. If you are not satisfied with your progress on these three tasks by the end of this challenge, keep the tasks and continue until you are satisfied with your results.


 Shoot the arrow when you’ve successfully completed a task

Take Part in one RAAAAAAAAID!

Take part in a pomodoro Raid with KOA. To start a raid, use the command !raid in the KOA Server.


Reflect to the community your findings. What about this weeks Challenge was difficult/surprisingly easy? What did you learn about yourself? Would you say this has been beneficial in making you a stronger more effective person?




Monotask on one task until completed



heavy_plus_sign – Successful Pomodoro without Distraction


heavy_minus_sign – Rotton Pomodoro. You did a different activity while the pomodoro was going on


Complete Pomodoros Here:https://cuckoo.team/koa


(This is where pomodoro raids bring us to)