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Reading 15 Minutes a Day


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Build one of the most important habits; The habit of reading, by starting with 15 minutes a day.


Read 15 minutes a day of a chosen book or other impactful media. Reading isn’t difficult, it’s just the difficulty of starting that is. Reading can be the most rewarding and educational habit one can develop. Through reading, we can live the lives of the great men and women before us. We can stand on the shoulders of giants if we can only get ourselves to dive into the world of resources that are available to us.

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About KOA Challenges: Each and every week we challenge ourselves with tests that improve us mentally as well as physically. We wanted to spread the love and make our Challenges of the Week public as we think these challenges could help others as well. So if you’re a habit enthusiast outside of KOA, we hope you like them!



Read 15 Minutes open_book



The Vow

I vow to dedicating these next 7 days to mastering the art of Reading

Bonus Points if you make the vow in #Challenge-of-the-Week (found in the KOA Discord Server)

Choose Your Reading Material

Briefly make a plan of what books or other media you will engage in this week while reading. Choose something you’ve always wanted to get into but haven’t been able to bring yourself to do.

Share your Book with us! optional

Share your book in #snapshots located in the KOA Discord Server


Reflect to the community your findings. What about this weeks Challenge was difficult/surprisingly easy? What did you learn about yourself? Would you say this has been beneficial in making you a stronger more effective person?