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Created By:mi6blk


I am going to Japan! Whoever reads the most articles on Satori Reader will receive a prize from The Land of the Rising Sun!

Challenge Description

This challenge will be approximately two weeks. I used this tool to prepare for my trip and you may find it useful too. I hope you have a love for other cultures and will also be lucky enough to visit this country one day.

You may do better at this challenge if you are already familiar with hiragana. If you aren’t, look for syllable charts online and flashcard tools to start getting good at reading one of the three language systems.


  • Join the Knights of Academia International Server
    • Here you can practice many foreign languages with other learners. Be sure to also check out the Knights of Academia Guild Page and also their Main Discord Server.
  • Sign up for Satori Reader
    • There is a paid version of membership, but it is unnecessary for this challenge 🙂 Contribute if you so wish.
  • Complete the Built-In Tutorial
    • Follow directions in the banner very carefully to become more oriented with the site and its features.


  • Review Words in your Study List
    • As you read articles, you can add phrases to quiz yourself on later. This solidifies what you learned and will make it easier to re-read an article later.
  • Complete an Article
    • Make it all the way through reading an article for a chance to win a prize!