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Reactive to Proactive Thinking

This challenge is designed to help you build the vital habit of controlling your day rather than letting the day control you.


We’ve all caught ourselves in the position of automatically reacting to what life throws at us. When we decide to merely fall in the habit of reacting to stimuli, we lose the ability to have agency over how our day will look. When we’re reactive, we become a product of what happens that day. If positive things happened to you, the sun is shining and there was no one in line at starbucks, you’ll have had a good day. However if negative things happen to you, you receive an insult or feel like you’ve been treated with disrespect from a co worker, you will have a bad day.


The absolutely vital Habit of being Proactive is what gives us the ability to smile when it’s raining on our commute to work. For us to create our day and choose how it will play out on our terms, not based on what might happen that’s outside of our control. A Proactive mentality is the cornerstone for strength and success.

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Be Proactive

Perform a conscious action in your environment or catch yourself being consciously mindful as you react to a stimulus that happens throughout your day.

Examples: Choosing to take 5 minutes to read a few pages from a book, fixing your posture while deep in work, not getting emotional when someone cuts you off in traffic.


Catch Yourself being Reactive

Catch yourself being reactive to a certain stimulus in your day. Did someone cut you off in traffic and your immediate reaction was anger? Record it here

The Vow

I vow to be mindful of my actions in my day to day life. I seek to be proactive rather than reactive despite whatever may come my way.

Share with us one Proactive Success of your Day optional

Share in #challenge-of-the-week something you did today or this week that was consciously proactive. Feel free to also share a moment you reacted to something unconsciously but realized what happened afterwards.


Reflect to the community your findings. What about this weeks Challenge was difficult/surprisingly easy? What did you learn about yourself? Would you say this has been beneficial in making you a stronger more effective person?




All Image Credit Goes To: Daisy Pickens on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/348325352413596829/?lp=true