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Python “Hello, World!” (C4H #1)

Created By:Fame

June 27 – July 11 [link to challenge on Habitica]


KOA CODE OF HONOR #1 ~~ Join the coding team, setup Python, and write your first script!

Challenge Description

Welcome to the KOA “Code for Honor” Initiative. The goal of this project is to engage members of KOA in progressively more difficult coding challenges to build our skills and become more active in contributing to coding project efforts. Though the target audience is members with some familiarity with coding, with a little extra effort a complete novice should be able to follow along.

This is challenge number one. For this challenge, we’re just trying to get our feet wet with Python and producing everyone’s favorite obligatory cliché, “hello, world.”

Each challenge will run for two weeks. The winner will be selected at random from participants who complete both todos marked as “[Goal].” Participants who complete any one of the todos marked “[Bonus]” will be entered a second time.

There are a lot of tutorials out there. Some are even good. I learned Python from Dive Into Python (which covered Python 2). It is geared towards people with a basic understanding of coding. I’ll link to its successor, Dive Into Python 3 (and hope it isn’t terribly outdated), and the official documentation here.

If you have questions or run into trouble, post in the #code #computer-science channel and reward yourself for doing so (it’s a positive habit). Instructions for connecting are included in the todo list.




[Goal] Introduce yourself in #computer-science Join the Discord server if you haven’t already. It’s basically a chat service. Use your Habitica name.

  • Type “!agree” in the Terms and Conditions channel to gain full access.
  • Join the web site team in Discord. Go to the #bot-interaction channel and enter the command “!joinwebsiteteam”
  • Join the #code team in Discord. Once you’re on the website team, you’ll see new channels devoted to the project. Go to #start-here and enter the command “!programmer” to get access to the #code channel
  • Say hi in #code and #computer-science

[Goal] Set up Python, make it say hello

[Bonuses] Rock Python and tell us about it (complete one or more subtasks)

  • Find a tutorial. Share a link it in #code #computer-science one you start it (completing the tutorial is a personal choice)
  • Customize your editor and post about it in #code #computer-science
  • For example, a link to a tutorial on how customizing your editor of choice
  • Get a Docker container running with Python for local testing/development and post the recipe in #code #computer-science. Damn, you are awesome



Post a #code #computer-science question in Discord (+)

Answer a #code #computer-science question in Discord (+)

Spend at least 15 minutes doing something in Python above and beyond these tasks (e.g., following a tutorial) (+)


[Subsequent Code of Honor Challenges will be linked here in the future]