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Learn Something New!

May 14 – 20 Learn Something New!

Challenge Description

I can’t juggle –> I can’t juggle yet –> I can juggle!

I can’t run a 4k –> I can’t run a 4k yet –> I can run a 4k!

I can’t dive. It’s too scary and I can never get the form right –> I can’t dive yet –> I can dive!


When learning anything in life, we must face the three steps to learning something new.

I can’t do it –> I can’t do it yet –> I can do it

This week, you will begin the journey of conquering something that you had not known how to before. This can be purely intellectual, IE how crypto-currency works. Or, it can be learning a simple skill that you have told yourself you are simply unable to do. Whether it be juggling, running, or even something more simple such as making commitments to friends or going out and meeting new ones, this week you will conquer your fears. It all starts with one simple statement: I can’t do this yet.

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