KOA Staff Listing

Without our team of talented and dedicated knights, Knights of Academia would not be possible! Read on to learn a bit more about them…


The Guardians and Helpers form a council on KOA that aims to fulfill a number of different tasks. These include moderating the server, making both new and existing members feel welcome, and helping out anyone who needs it.

Discord Username: Alex
Favourite Book: Zero to One by Peter Thiel

The world is wide open, and your reality is fully malleable. Alex works hard to share this truth with the world around him. He is the founder of KOA, and works with one of the best teams on this earth to spread a bit of light into this world. Thank you for joining us, and Carpe Diem!

Discord Username: Eric
Favourite Book: All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

I’ve loved the Renaissance ideals since I was a kid, and ever since, have had a fascination with picking up a wide range of hobbies, interests and skills that extend quite a ways outside my ‘field’. I have a fascination with patterns and trying to draw connections between unrelated things. I love nature, and can’t help but be curious about it or basically anything else. Always down for a talk, or getting to know a new friend!

Discord Username: Rose
Favourite Book: Night Road by Kristin Hannah

Rose is a student from the USA with a variety of interests. She is currently working on writing her first novel and is very passionate about playing music and leadership. Though she loves classical piano the most, she has also performed on the bassoon, piccolo, and saxophone. In her free time, you can almost always find her reading a book or playing music.

Discord Username: Lidriel
Favourite Book: I don’t understand the question…

Is she 15, is she 51? Liddy is a grandma and a liddle girl in one, and she normally is happy by default. You would find her mostly in her room busying herself with one of her 327 hobbies for which she has no time for, or eating up a storm. You’d be hard pressed to get her angry, but that is not a challenge, and you don’t want to see her angry — if you somehow messed up, though, you can smooth things down with doggo pictures or delicious food. She is Indonesian and has so far lived in Indonesia, USA, and Germany throughout her life. She likes blobs.


Discord Username: Pocket
Favourite Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon

Originally hailing from Canada, Joshua is a citizen of the world following wherever the winds take him. A lifelong student, his research interests include psychosomatics, yoga and actor-training. He’s usually found with his laptop, a microphone and a yoga mat, and if you ever need to bribe him Maynards Swedish Berries are the way to go.

Discord Username: wordvalkyrie
Favourite Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Born and raised in Southern California, USA, Emma is a full-time college student pursuing her BA in American Sign Language/English Interpretation. Her passions include (and are not limited to) public speaking, physical health and wellbeing, Deaf culture, the Bible, and the positive affect good habits and routines have on the mind. She dislikes negative mindsets, being stuck inside on a lovely day, burpees, and celery.

Department Heads

COTW Manager: Kugoi
Book of the Month: Kayla
Events Manager: Rose
KOA International: GreyPilgrim
Research & Development: Kindly

Sector Leaders

The Arts: Rose
STEM: ChristinaFox
Wellness: Sosocles
Hustle n Bustle: Hannah Banana

Website Team

Writers: Erryn, Jason, Carlee, MemeQueen, Hiroyuki
Editors: Joshua
Narrators: Omega, Alivia, Dawn
Coding and Design: Cephil, Rosemara, Omega, Red Wolfe


Kindly, Poss, Eric, Tekrus, Erschmid

Clan Leaders

The Round Table: Alex
Bards of Academia: AliviaTrivia
The Fiction Faction: Jesse
The Wolf Pack: Florin
The Gathering: Nurse4truth
The Clockwork Knights: VonKobra
The Silver Tongues: Dotty
The Students: Erschmid