The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

After several weeks of designing, voting, designing some more and setting up shop, we can finally open our doors to the KOA Merch Shop! We’ve partnered with Spreadshirt to give you the best shipping options from warehouses in the United States (for our friends in the western hemisphere) and Europe (for everyone on the other side of the Atlantic) while also providing a nice cut to KOA. Please remember all donations will be reinvested to improve your KOA experience.

Huge thanks to Dawn, Ariheen and Red Wolf for being the brains and pens behind the designs, and to Shaur for assisting with the admin of setting up an online shop. We really couldn’t have done without you.

We love feedback! Any thoughts, questions, queries, or concerns — please send them through our Contact Form using the category ‘Merchandise’. And don’t forget to post a snap of you in your new swag on the snapshots channel of the Discord server!

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