Horace Update: Version 1.4.1


Horace, what’s that notepad?! Oh, you’re keeping track of a set of keywords? That’s pretty cool.
What else did you learn since your last update?

What’s new in this update?

  • Updates to clan listings, the gathering and clockwork knights have new leaders, and this is now reflected in the clans command.
  • Highlight feature! You can track keywords now, and whenever Horace sees them, he’ll send you a DM to let you know.

  • Highlights no longer work  in secret staff channels
  • Someone taught Horace about Mama Kugoi and Horace.. Use the !info command to see what he knows!
  • Fixed a typo for when a channel was almost at its pin limit.

Horace is an open-source Discord bot built by and for members of the KOA community. For details on how to get involved, click here. For the full run-down of existing features log in to the Discord and type !help. To suggest a new feature, visit Horace’s GitHub profile, check it’s not already on the list, and click New Issue.

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