Happy Day of the Sun!

Weekly Sunday Newsletter

Sun by Pittun on DeviantArt

Quote of the Day:


Whoever wants to wield high power

Must tame his passions fierce;

His heart to evil must not cower

Or bow to lust’s fell yoke.

  • Boethius: Consolation of Philosophy

Challenge of the Week: The Pomodoro Technique! Get ready to have your lives changed procrastinators!


It took me a very long time to actually give the pomodoro technique a try. Like most things, it’s you guys who pushed me to try new things. I ended up falling in love with it and highly recommend it to anyone who has yet to try it’s magical powers.


Intro to the Pomodoro Technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNBmG24djoY

Apps for Pomodoro Technique:

  • Focus

  • Forest

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

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What’s New?

  • We have got a START ON THE WEBSITE AS OF TWO DAYS AGO! It’s still very much in the beta stage, but it will grow to be a wonderful platform that will enhance KOA and give us the tools to further our community. We already have very many plans in place and have been talking to those wanting to contribute with their unique skillsets. Want to get on board? Shoot me a message on Discord!

BETA Stage: http://knightsofacademia.com

  • We have many new faces that have entered our tavern this week! If that is you, welcome to your home away from home. It’s about time smile

  • Added to the Archives: Intro to The Wim Holf Method by Aubrey Mackenzie

  • Book of the Month: 12 Rules for Life by Dr. Jordan Peterson

  • Challenge of the Week: The Pomodoro Technique

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That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.