Happy Day of the Sun!

Weekly Sunday Newsletter

Sun by Pittun on DeviantArt

Quote of the Day: Great People do things before they are ready.

  • Amy Poehler


Challenge of the Week:

Champion of the Week: @Nerdnienate!


Next Weeks COTW: Something a bit easier, yet constant and demanding of your effort. Definitely a great one for building a hard to learn habit. The 10 Minutes a Day Challenge!

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KOA Newsletter

Challenge of the Week: The 10 Minutes a Day Challenge

Book of the Month: The Art of War by Sun Tzu


Hey everyone, I know this is a bit earlier than usual for the Day of the Sun post. As the name states, it’s our tradition to celebrate our glorious Sundays. Not Fridays, or Saturdays, however great they may be. The reason for this early update is because I’m going to be visiting family over the course of the weekend in Florida, and I won’t have access to a computer until I’m home on Tuesday. If you have any questions while I’m gone, please don’t give a second thought to asking any KOA Guardian. I’ll miss you guys!


  • Book of the Month has begun taking recommendations for June’s Book of the Month. The top-rated submissions will move forward to the polls, where all members will vote from there to choose the book we will all dive into over the course of the month


  • The Banner Competition has officially started! Compete for the grand prize of 50 gems by July 1st. Artwork will be voted upon, and the winning banner/logo will be used as the symbol for our organization


  • The KOA Coding Repository is looking for new recruits! We’re currently undergoing two major projects right now. One, the member count project, and second, the Clan War Data tool project. If you have any coding skills whatsoever, please feel free to use the command !joinwebsiteteam in discord to find more information on how you can help.


  • Congratulations to the great @ÁineCalliopeArgyrus, our new Book of the Month manager! tada


  • We usually don’t do this, but for our last motivational Monday, we found an especially great Gold Nugget that I think could do some great good in the lives of those who need it. It is a bit longer than the traditional video, but the techniques described here are potent and have truly have the ability to change your neurochemistry. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=i7kh8pNRWOo


As always, make it a wonderful week. Carpe Diem!

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.