Happy Day of the Sun!

Weekly Sunday Newsletter

Sun by Pittun on DeviantArt

Quote of the Day: Stand up for something or fall for everything.


Challenge of the Week: The Pomodoro Challenge! tomato


In honor of finals week for many of our students across the globe, we will be using this week as a Pomodoro week! Mark your pomodoros in the chat by using :tomato:


Clan Wars


Challenge: The Pushup War

Clan War Participants!

  • The Round Table
  • Heart + N
  • Bards of Academia
  • The Gathering
  • The Iron Light
  • The Wolf Pack


KOA Newsletter

Challenge of the Week: The Pomodoro Challenge! tomato

Book of the Month: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Copies are in! If you don’t have access to a physical or digital copy, please visit worldcat.org. If the book is not available there, feel free to contact me. I will send you the steps in how to get your copy.

Intro to The Art of War by @PinkFox: If you are a peace lover and is personally anti-war like me, let me first stop any expectation you might have about this book with this quote: “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” Even in modern day society when majority of us are free from phyiscal conflict, we still get fight or flight responses from our jobs, family drama, academic politics, governmental politics itself, community conflict, friendship conflict, and the most frightening of them all – internal conflicts with ourselves. While this 25 centuries old classic spoke with the context of war, its wisdom is no less relevant to our day to day struggle in life.


  • KOA’s first event/holiday – May Day was a success! Thank you to my good friends @CassiusVonthill and @Gloomheart for putting so much thought into putting the event together. It was very kind of both of you. Also, thank you very, very much to everyone who took part in our first official KOA event! Congrats to @Micheallep19 for winning the trivia!


  • The Map of KOA – Thanks to @Queenwolf, we now have a wonderful visual representation of the Knights of Academia across the globe. We have members from Wisconsin to Rio de Janeiro. Washington to Northern Sweden. We take great pride in our members and the unique viewpoints they contribute to the community. Now we also can share the unique locations we live in as well.

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  • Numerous Website Updates. Major upgrades to basic user interface and accessibility. We finally have created a grounds for our content creation. We can now produce valuable information straight from the great minds of KOA. Want to join our writing team? Use the command !writer in the discord server.


  • Clan Wars has taken off! We’ve now created a new channel in the discord server dedicated to all things Clan Wars. Ask questions, discuss ideas/strategy, and taunt your opponents! As the leader of one of the participating Clans, this challenge has been absolutely fantastic. It’s not been easy by any regard, but it’s been powerful. Thanks for the wonderful idea for our first Clan War @CassiusVonthill!


  • Clan Forms – We’ve added Clan Forms throughout the community. Clan forms are the easiest way to join the Clan you love. Simply click on the form, copy and paste your user ID, and you should receive an invite within 24 hours. Remember, feel free to try out many clans at a time to find the right home for you. Clan Forms can be found in the guild bio, on the website, or by using the command ?(enterclannamehere) in the discord server.


  • KOA Event Calendar – Because we have so much going on, we’re finally going to add something that lets us organize it all. Through Google Calendar, you can be updated on all KOA events such as Important Dates, special events (like May Day), Conference calls, and more. Add the KOA event Calendar to your Google Calendar here! (All KOA events will be labeled yellow)


Make it a great week. Carpe Diem! Or as someone close to me says, Seize the Fish!


alt text

a great end to our first KOA event; May Day

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.