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Quote of the Day: There are three things in human life that are important. The first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind.


  • Henry James



Challenge of the Week


Champion of last weeks COTW: @RedPanther


Our Next COTW: The Early to Sleep Challenge


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Challenge of the Week: The Early to Sleep Challenge


Book of the Month: Repeatlessness by Joe Marshalla



  • Give a warm welcome to @Ninichat, the new Co-Leader of KOA’s Meditation Club! To join, use the command !monkclub in #meditation or #bot-interactions


  • Shoutout to our fantastic Quote of the Day Posters – You rock! Thank you so much for giving all of us a great start to our day each and every morning


  • @ChristinaFox#4149
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  • @Dithreabhach#0385


  • Hats off to the @KOA Website Team as well! – We currently have multiple high quality educational programs, content posts, and UI improvements underway. We couldn’t do any of this without the hard work and brilliance of our wonderful Website Team. Next time you see a Knight in orange, make sure to give them a pat on the back!


  • Social Hour


the results of our Social Hour survey which asked the question, “What would we like to see for KOA Social Hours?” resulted in the following:


one .io games like Agar.io & Diep.io – 16 votes.


two Realm of the Mad God (the famous free-to-play 8 bit style MMO RPG) – 6 votes.


three Movies/Shows! – 32 votes.


four Podcasts (listen to podcasts together) – 11 votes.


To kick this off, our first Social Hour will be Sunday, July 29th at 7pm CST!. Voting for which TED talk we’ll listen to on Sunday will begin later this week in #voting-hall.



  • Clan War #2!


It’s that time! Gather your swords and ——E ‘s , we’re going to War yet again! Our Last Clan War, a 7 Week extensive Push Up Program was a massive success despite how hardcore it was. The Iron Light Clan took the gold, but not by far. Voting for our next Clan War will open in #voting-hall later this week as well. Keep your eyes peeled!


  • Last but not least, Calm, Clear, and easy to understand Voiceovers for every Article Published by KOA are coming soon!



To read up more on HUGE UX Updates in the works, channel updates, and rumors of the KOA Podcast, head over to #announcements!


To Stay Updated for KOA Events like Social Hour, Follow the KOA Events Calendar Below!


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Make today count and be well.