Digital Team Restructure

A quick look at a few changes around KOA’s digital team!

Firstly, a big welcome to Jessica as our new Head of Web Development — she has already been instrumental in a few key changes we’re making behind the scenes and will be making more visible adjustments as we move forward!

You may be familiar with the current setup of engineers and website team, but with new projects and new blood coming into KOA there’s a few changes we’re making to make our teams more practical and efficient so we can get the best KOA experience to all our members.

  1. Engineers
    Team Lead: Tekrus (Head of R&D)
    The engineers we know and love! Nothing’s changed, and they continue to blow us away with their skills working on bots, programs and new features around KOA and the Discord. We have them to thank for managing Horace, delivering our pom bot and the clan data tools.
  2. Web Producers
    Team Lead: Jessica (Head of Web Development)
    A new role! The web producers are a subdivision of the website team that are focussed on building web features using HTML, CSS and Javascript and liaising between the engineers and content crafters. Ideal for beginner coders looking to cut their teeth on some projects to build their portfolios. They’ll be working on the COTW section, Resource Library and making sure the website runs smoothly!
  3. Content Crafters
    Team Lead: Joshua (Website Manager)
    Our beloved writers, graphics designers and KOA artists fall to this camp. They will continue to contribute copy to the website, writing articles, contributing design features to tech projects, developing new merch designs and generally keeping things quite pretty (e.g. thanks Art for adapting Belle Lehr’s designs for this new post!) .

For updated and in-depth role descriptions check out our applications page, or reach out to the relevant team lead to toss your hat in the ring!

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