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Detailed Guidelines

Sets the rules for all registered users in regards to being part of the community (what’s allowed, what’s not allowed).

Welcome to the Knights Of Academia Community

We flourish on the differences of our community members life experience and opinions. We want to be sure that our group remains a secure, helpful place for all members. To those ends, we extend a few basic tips and guidelines for contributing to our site:

We Are All Accountable

We have a sizable community of very diversified people. We can’t supervise or authenticate everything posted by our membership. Opinions and facts stated in community reviews or remarks are those of our contributors and don’t necessarily correspond to the views of the Knights Of Academia. Please keep in mind that all community-shared content is the responsibility of those who post.

Please recognize that posts are public communications and can be visible to all our visitors. Also, your posts may be cataloged by internet search engines and available publically.

Knights Of Academia reserves the right to revise your remarks (which we would only do if profane or defamatory comments were made). We also hold the right to delete posts or ban visitors if community guidelines are violated. While we have no requirement to delete comments that the community finds objectionable, we have an open concern in having the community report back to us anything that visitors find unacceptable.

Because we’re always expanding and ever-changing we reserve the right to change our guidelines as appropriate.

Maintaining a Respectful Community

We urge you to use a screen name that won’t be considered by the organization as offensive. In the interests of maintaining a thriving, dynamic, and courteous community, we will ask you to change any username that falls outside of these standards.

Remember that your profile will be accessible by both adults and kids. We’re a non-profit-making, family-friendly venue. Please only use harmonious images in your profile.

Links to inappropriate material and use of profanity may result in your profile being taken down.

Discussion and chat is the life-blood of the visitor’s experience, and we ask that all contributors share with a respectful tone. We value diversified opinions and experiences, and we do ask that comments be kept to the topic under discussion or to the material being discussed. Anything off-topic or unsuitable can be removed without warning or contact to author of the comment. Any insults or direct attacks on an individual or their views will mean the immediate removal of your remarks.

A safe community depends on you. Please alert us of any inappropriate subject matter you find. Anything obscene, slanderous, repugnant, illegal, threatening, humiliating, libelous, defamatory, or unacceptable (in our sole opinion) will be removed.

We are a participative community. Posting anything that targets a person’s class, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, weight, or disability will result in immediate removal.

Please publish only material which you have the right to publish. No violation of copyright, or trademark infringement is allowed. Any requests by content holders to remove their property will be immediately followed without warning to the infringing author.

The content provided by authors doesn’t necessarily represent the views, ideas, or goals of the volunteers behind KOA.


We retain the right to exclude anyone who violates our guidelines without notice.

Last Updated: May 13, 2018