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The Machine Brain – Offloading Tasks for Efficiency and Wellbeing

As a human, we can only keep track of so much. A cluttered mind is a dull and slowed down mind.


This is why it’s important to offload the small trivial tasks in order to clear up some space to actually focus on what’s important.




– Task Management 101

– Using Google Calendar Effectively

Please note that if you're competing for the Champion of the Week title, you must complete "The Vow" & "Reflection".

7 Minute Offload

During this period, take 7 minutes to get everything out of your head and on to paper. (digital or non digital). This can be taking notes of tasks, archiving ideas you have, or even journaling about your thoughts and how you feel.

To Dos
The Vow!

I vow to dedicating these next 7 days to mastering the art of task management / organization / embracing the cyborg life


Bonus Points if you make the vow in #Challenge-of-the-Week (found in the KOA Discord Server)

Choose your Designated Tools

Choose what you will use to help you with offloading. With thousands of options available, choose what’s best for you. A maximum of three platforms is recommended.

Study Time!

Every resource we use is hand picked and reliable. Take 10 minutes to study up on the videos found in “Resources”! Videos created by College Info Geek.


Reflect to the community your findings. What about this weeks Challenge was difficult/surprisingly easy? What did you learn about yourself? Would you say this has been beneficial in making you a stronger more effective person?