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The Guild Alliance Tour!

This week, we venture to the guilds we have recently made alliances with and we delve into their worlds!


Please be courteous of all rules and guidelines before posting. Please also do your best to not de-rail conversation as we want to help and make friends. Not be bothersome


make sure to state you’re from KOA if you’d like those yummy brownie points:)




Get Scholarly with our friends, The Scholars Guild!

Climb up to the peaks of the Graduate Student Guild

Procrastinate with the Procrastinators Guild

Learn the life-changing magic of GETTING DECENT SLEEP from the mystics of The Early to Bed Early to Rise Guild

Get Cultured with the Renessaince (wo)man Guild

Practice some Google Translate with our great friends The Brasil Guild

Game it up with the The Otaku and Gamers dōjō

Special Partnership with KOA: Camelot

Bonus: Plan a Raid with at least one other member

Go over to your chosen guild at the same time for bonus points