Challenge of the Week

Language Skill – lvl 100

June 11 – 17 Challenge Description This week, the Wolf of KOA, @Queenwolf herself, is hosting KOAs first Foreign Language voice chat session on KOA’s Discord! This week will be easy. Just join in!   Remember, talking is never mandatory in a KOA voice chat session. You will receive full points by simply listening in …

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The Posture Challenge

June 4 – 10 The Posture Challenge Challenge Description Turtle neck (aka texting neck) and poor posture is a deep-rooted problem that many of us face. Like most learned behavior, the only way we can correct the bad habit of poor posture is by developing healthy habits that will take precedence over the old. Over time, …

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Read For 10 Minutes a Day

May 26 – June 3 The 10 Minutes a Day Challenge Challenge Description Repetition and consistency trump intensity in the long run. Learn to build one of the most simple, yet beneficial habits you can have.

Learn Something New!

May 14 – 20 Learn Something New! Challenge Description I can’t juggle –> I can’t juggle yet –> I can juggle! I can’t run a 4k –> I can’t run a 4k yet –> I can run a 4k! I can’t dive. It’s too scary and I can never get the form right –> I can’t …

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