Challenge of the Week

The Monotasking Challenge

Stop attempting to multitask! Set aside times to focus on only one thing at a time, and see if this improves your ability to do things with more quality and efficiency.   To Dos The Vow is Back! I vow to dedicating these next 7 days to mastering the art of MONOTASKING! Read or Listen …

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The Guild Alliance Tour!

This week, we venture to the guilds we have recently made alliances with and we delve into their worlds!   Please be courteous of all rules and guidelines before posting. Please also do your best to not de-rail conversation as we want to help and make friends. Not be bothersome   make sure to state …

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The Last Huzzah of Summer

Summer isn’t over yet!   This week we dedicate our time to the great outdoors. This can be camping, walking, or any chosen exercise. Just get out there and experience the beautiful magic of summer. Bonus points if you share those sweet sunset pictures in #snapshots     Disclaimer: If you’re in KOA & competing …

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Early to Sleep

July 23 – July 29 It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t wake up at a reasonable time if you don’t go to bed at a reasonable time. Going to bed early is a simple task, yet surprisingly difficult due to deeply rooted habits.   This week, we learn the art of sleeping early!

The MOVE Challenge!

July 16 – July 22 The Best thing to do in the dead of the summer; Get up and MOVE! Get up on your feet and do one physical activity as much as possible throughout the week; move! Walk to work, walk to the store, walk your dog, let’s get active!

Podcast Week

June 18 – 24 Begin listening to one new podcast throughout the course of the week!