June Town Hall Minutes

Psst… we’re halfway through 2020 — and you know what that means! Another Town Hall Meeting! As always it was so good to see so many knights at the same time and this meeting was just as productive as any other! As usual, the meeting minutes have been written up and laid out so you …

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Town Hall — June 2020

Parish Notes Monday, June 22nd at 5pm UTC 🎉 Looking Back What did we get up to in the last three months? The May 2020 Pom War was a massive success with The Vikings sporting the fancy new victors role! Together we achieved almost eight full months of productivity! Our latest update in the move …

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March Town Hall Minutes

…and with that, quarter one of the year at KOA draws to a close! We had a particularly busy Town Hall this time around and so much valuable feedback came out of it. The days following a Town Hall are always filled with new projects being born, old projects getting new life breathed into them …

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Productivity Cycles

Have you ever noticed how at some points of the day you get more stuff done than others? What about the mad rush of productivity on a ‘Manic Monday’ or the exact opposite that sets in with ‘that Friday Feeling’? Or maybe you’ve battled the winter blues or literally felt a ‘spring’ in your step. …

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The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning is a self-help book and the foundational text of the “Miracle Morning” personal development program. It encompasses Elrod’s insights on developing a strong morning routine and references other works and authors.

KOA Merchandise

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… After several weeks of designing, voting, designing some more and setting up shop, we can finally open our doors to the KOA Merch Shop! We’ve partnered with Spreadshirt to give you the best shipping options from warehouses in the United States (for our friends in the western hemisphere) …

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Digital Team Restructure

A quick look at a few changes around KOA’s digital team! Firstly, a big welcome to Jessica as our new Head of Web Development — she has already been instrumental in a few key changes we’re making behind the scenes and will be making more visible adjustments as we move forward! You may be familiar …

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Town Hall — December 2019

Parish Notes 🗓 Sunday, December 22nd at 4pm UTC 📜 The Overview Community: New Sector, Channel Updates, stats & leadership promotions Website: Overhaul, Clans Page, Recruitment Forms, and the future of the site. Engineering: Community Pom Bot, Horace, & Engineering World Domination: 2020 Non-Profit Status, Podcast, and a top-secret project 👫 Community Updates Final Quarter …

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Clans Page

You know them, you love them… *said with the same intonation as “Yaaaaaaaaaas” We’ve finally released our updated clans page which lists all our clans with short descriptions, member counts and application forms all on the new KOA website. From here our website will send the applications over to the clan leaders which will make …

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