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Managing KOA’s various projects, events and day-to-day running requires the coordinated effort of all our teams and volunteer staff members. As the ambition and scope of our projects grow, so do our staffing needs! As a member of the KOA team you’ll have a number of benefits including access to the staff channels on the KOA Discord, a fancy coloured user role, your name on the staff page and associated with any projects you contribute to, and mentorship from our senior staff and project-based learning.

As we encourage our members to grow and develop within their own lives, we encourage staff to grow and develop in their roles. Our ideal is to pair you with projects that give back to you in some way, so that you benefit as much from being part of the KOA team as we do from having you. We also encourage the team to bring on board their own ideas so we can create the kind of resources and community that we want to see in the world.

Please find below the positions that are currently open at KOA and click on the job title you’re interested for more details:

Clan Leaders

We are looking to add one official Clan to the KOA roster. If you are a a current or aspiring party leader with a great idea for a party, we’d love to hear it! We are currently working on state of the art technology to make leading and managing your party very streamlined. Not to mention all KOA Clans are supplied every week with new recruits .. Oh and did we mention Clan Wars?

Responsibilities:  Clan Leaders engage their clan by interacting with their members, recruiting, and setting up events such as quests and challenges. By doing this, they maintain their Clan as a home for people on Habitica where self-development as well as learning and growing together are at the forefront of the mission of their Clan.

Sector Leaders

Sector Leaders are those who are educated and passionate about a particular area or field of study, and take ownership of their channel on our Discord server. They maintain their respective sector as an environment where open inquiry and discussion is encouraged, and learning and growing together is at the heart of their sector. This individual is ideally already an active and engaged member of our community. We’re currently looking for sector leaders for:

  • Hustle ‘n’ Bustle (Business Sector)

Responsibilities: Sector Leaders converse within both the server and their sector, helping to facilitate discussion and keep the KOA community engaged through challenges, events or other goings-on appropriate to your specialization.


Web Producers

Starting out on your programming journey, but want a role to get your feet wet? Web Producer is the one for you! Spanning the middle ground between engineer and content crafter, our web producers are responsible for working with our content crafters, taking feature concepts and designs, and working with each other and the engineers in order to make that feature a reality!

People in this role may be developing skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Familiarity with WordPress is a big plus, but not crucial. This is an exciting role with many projects available and a way to make a visible impact on the shape of the community.

Responsibilities: Web Producers will be assigned to a team working on an ongoing website project that is in line with their interests and the skills they wish to develop. Within these projects they will be given specific tasks and deadlines that will be negotiated based on availability, the project timeline and the complexity of the task.


With so many projects on the go we’re in need of a few talented engineers to round out our incredible team! Our engineers work behind the scenes developing new bots, programs and features for the KOA website and Discord. People in this role will be mentored by our experienced team leaders, be matched with challenging tasks that best helps you build a portfolio of work and join an exciting and progressive environment. Potential engineers may be familiar with or developing skills in all kinds of programming languages including Javascript, PHP, and Python. Please also flag up your familiarity with the Habitica API and WordPress — these are helpful but not essential.

Responsibilities: Engineers are responsible for contributing to one of KOA’s many upcoming projects. Due to the flexible nature of projects, workload and deadlines will be decided between you and the project manager.

Content Crafters

Our team of content crafters is made up of a group of insistently curious and eloquent individuals responsible for all the art and writing you see on the site. Graphic designers can contribute to graphics for events, web layouts and features. Writers are responsible for any copy you see around the site and they also research and write articles along our three categories of Expanding Your View, Growth Mindset and Self-Discipline. When looking for writers we seek people with an excellent command of the English language, an excitement for research and discovering new points of view, and a collaborative mindset through all stages of writing.

Responsibilities: Content Crafters are responsible for creating one piece of quality content per month (or one article of about 1000-1500 words every two months). The nature of the project is decided based on your availability and interests and what we’re working on at the moment! You’ll also be asked to weigh in on important decisions related to the writing team and website.

KOAI Keepers

KOAI Keepers are an incredibly dedicated team working to keep Knights of Academia: International a fun and safe environment for language learners of all times. Keepers manage events, moderate chat, and take over general tasks all around the server.

Responsibilities: Keepers are responsible for keeping chat moderated, being active in various chats across KOAI, and working alongside other staff members with projects.