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Without our team of talented and dedicated knights, Knights of Academia would not be possible! Read on to learn a bit more about them…


The Guardians and Helpers form the council on KOA that aims to fulfill a number of different tasks. Guardians are the more visible of the two, providing front line support for members, moderation and contributing to community-oriented projects.

Discord Username: Alex
Favourite Book: Zero to One by Peter Thiel

The world is wide open, and your reality is fully malleable. Alex works hard to share this truth with the world around him. He is the founder of KOA, and works with one of the best teams on this earth to spread a bit of light into this world. Thank you for joining us, and Carpe Diem!

Department Heads

Challenge of the Week Manager: kugoi
Book of the Month: Ankle
Events Manager: Ankle
KOA International: Position open
Head of R&D: Position open
Website Manager: Position open

Sector Leaders

The Arts: Position Open
Sector Hand: Position Open!
STEM: Christina
Computer Science: Spidi
Sector Hand: Position Open
Hustle ‘n’ Bustle: Position Open
Sector Hand: Position Open
Wellness: Ankle
Sector Hand: Position Open
Academics: Kat!
Sector Hand: Position Open

Website Team

Editors: Moon, Omega
Writers: Selectric, Cosmic
Narrators: Omega, Dawn
Sound Engineer: Dawn
Designers: Omega, Julie-Anne

Engineering Team

Head of Department:

CJ, CatalinCodes, IchBinJade
(We’re looking for more engineering team members! Primarily working in Javascript and Python. For more info, reach out to GummyThunder or Alex on the KOA Discord Server.)

Clan Leaders

The Round Table: Bendre
The Gathering: Hikikomori
The Clockwork Knights:
The Silver Tongues: MönKhan
The Students: Kat!
The Wolf Pack: Sergeant Steadfast


   Head of Department:

Klaire, Alex

   Event Managers:
Ankle, Simon, Armelle

Caro, Eslem, Sierra