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Guide to KOA

Welcome to the extended Guide of KOA!


For all KOA Commands – type !commands in #bot-interaction


What the heck is all the yelling about

 Pomodoro Raids (Group Pomodoros) – When on the KOA server, you may see a pop up proclaiming “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAID“. Do not be alarmed, someone has started a Pomodoro Raid!

To join the raid, simply follow the link that is attached to the message and you’re in.

To start a raid, use command !raid in citadel

If you don’t know what Pomodoros are, find out more here

Make sure to abide by the Pomodoro Raid Rules


 Alerts, Voting, & Announcements

#content-notifier – Here in KOA, we have a content notifier bot that we all love. The Content Notifier bot shoots us a heads up when a new article is published from knightsofacademia.com

#voting-hall – Our members actually have a huge impact on our events, our content, and even our infrastructure. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to vote on an important topic in this channel.

#announcements – When a particularly noteworthy event is taking place that you should know about it, the KOA staff team will send out an announcement. These can be releasing our Book of the Month, new group meditations that take place every Tuesday now, or even spontaneous giveaways


  KOA Programs

We host two legendary main programs.

#challenge-of-the-week – Each week we challenge ourselves both mentally and physically with a brand new challenge that is voted on by the community.

Previous Challenges of the Week can be found here:https://knightsofacademia.com/category/cotw/

#book-of-the-month – Each month we read and focus on one life changing book as a community. It’s optional to join, but I highly recommend you do. Each and every month we dig so much deeper into the material than you possibly can by reading the book alone. Our Book of the Month Club is moderated by the wonderful @Kayla. Books are chosen by the community.

Previous Books of the Month can be found here: https://knightsofacademia.com/category/botm/


 KOA Events

Every week we run fun events that you don’t want to miss. All events can be found on our events calendar located on the right sidebar.

Town Hall Meetings & Group Discussions

Every month both KOA and KOA: International hold voice chats that the community can be a part of. Town Hall meetings are held for members to voice their concerns and share their ideas for bettering the community. Discussion events are for kicking back and chatting with fellow members

Takes Place Monthly (Dates posted to Calendar)

Social Hour

Spend time with the community each week during social hour. We watch movies, TED Talks, go on ROTMG raids, play .io games and much more

Takes Place every Sunday (Times posted to Calendar)

Group Meditation Sessions

Get your zen on. Join #meditation to take part. You do not need to be a part of our meditation club to join along. Meditation Club, led by the wonderful @Ninichat, can be found down below under the category of KOA Groups.

Takes Place every Tuesday at 7pm cst for US Members, & Thursday at 7pm GMT +3 for EU Members

Pomodoro Raids

Our Version of Pomodoros. To join a raid, find RAAAAAAAAID being shouted in the server. To start a raid, use the command !raid.

Make sure to abide by the Pomodoro Raid Rules

Takes place Spontaneously


 Habitica Specific Channels


Battle it out with other KOA Clans. These take place roughly every 6 months.

Clan Channels

We also have over 8 hidden Clan Channels that can be unlocked once you’ve joined a Clan successfully.


 KOA Groups

Monk Club

KOA’s meditation club. To join, use command !monkclub in #bot-interaction

Book of the Month Club

to take part, visit #book-of-the-month

International Club

To join, visit KOAI server located in #our-friends

Website Team

If you’re serious about joining our website team, simply fill out the Website Team application form on #community-forms

Other KOA Groups (hidden)

Creative Writing – see Jesse (@varrictethras) or join The Fiction Faction by using the !apply Fiction Faction command

Data Science and STEM – see @QueenWolf or use command !apply The Wolf Pack in #bot-interaction

Hacking Productivity through use of Systems – see @vonkobra or use command !apply The Clockwork Knights in #bot-interaction

Hard Mode – see @Alex or use command !apply hard mode in #bot-interaction