Happy Day of the Sun!

Weekly Sunday Newsletter

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Happy Day of the Sun!


Quote of the Day: There is nothing impossible to him who will try.


  • Alexander III of Macedon



Challenge of the Week


Champion of the Week: Cognus


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Our Next COTW: Get Moving (throwback!)


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KOA Newsletter



Challenge of the Week: Get Moving


Book of the Month: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick


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two_men_holding_hands KOA Community Events


Fireside Chat February has concluded!

  • Thank you to all who participated!


Large Partnerships with Knights of Academia


Get Ready, Things Are Happening.

If you’ve seen the server lately, you know we are in full preparation mode. We’re going to be expecting a very large partnership with KOA that will be happening tomorrow. We are expecting 500-1000+ new users in our happy community. Please welcome each and every user with open arms!


I am very proud to announce KOA is now an official partner of Disboard!

  • Disboard is the worlds largest and well known discord listing site. They work very hard to connect people to servers they love. This is a huge honor, as we are one of the only organizations with this privilege. Visit Disboard here


We are now also partnered with The Calliopean Club!

  • The Calliopean Club is an intellectual discord society, dedicated to inquiry, quality discourse and civil debate. As an inquisitive and curious community, they look to engage in reasonable dialogue that challenges one’s preconceptions and views on politics, science, history & philosophy. We highly suggest you check them out!


Lastly, we are now partnered with the Politics Discord Server!

  • Discord’s most active home for politics, debates, & Huge Events such as AMA’s from big name influencers. With voice chats that never seem to sleep, you can step into the arena yourself or learn as you spectate others.

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That’s all for this week! Make today count and be well. And a very warm welcome to all of our new Knights!

That's all for this week!
Make today count and be well.